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Flute Tuition

Flute Repairs

Singing Tuition

Melbourne, Australia

Neil and Rae-Helen Fisenden  Musicians and Master Teachers

Neil and Rae-Helen Fisenden have been at the forefront of performance and music tuition for over 30 years.

Their expertise and experience has established Fisenden Music as one of the most well respected names in music across Australia.


Fisenden Music was established with the express mandate to create a business dedicated to excellence in the areas of music performance, tuition and flute sales and repairs. These same ideals continue to underpin the activities of Fisenden Music having now moved to Melbourne. After distinguished careers in both Adelaide and Perth, spanning over 30 years, Neil and Rae-Helen Fisenden have settled in Melbourne where they are enthusiastic to pass on the legacy of their musical lives to the next generation.


Hailed as virtuoso performers and master teachers in their own right, Neil and Rae-Helen are keen to continue their lifes’ work and offer their services to the musical community in Melbourne.



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