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Flute Lessons

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Lessons are now available at the venue of your choice in Melbourne.

My Studio, your home, your office or online.

Neil Fisenden


Neil has been teaching the flute for 40 years and is acknowledged as one of Australia’s most respected and esteemed mentors of the flute.

His knowledge and wealth of experience is matched by only a few and like all enthusiasts of the art form, he never ceases to evolve and adapt to new directions and latest trends.

His teaching ranges across all levels from beginner to the advanced professional player covering a wide range of musical styles and meeting requirements from primary, secondary and particularly tertiary levels.


Whether for a one-off “Brush-Up” or ongoing lessons, Neil will be very happy to work with you to help you achieve your goal.


As a member of the committee overseeing the writing of the current AMEB syllabus, Neil is very familiar with all the newly introduced material and will be delighted to help you get comfortable with the requirements.


Specialist attention in these areas:


* One-off projects.        Auditions, Recital Appraisal, Exam Preparation.



* Orchestral Excerpts.  Specific audition list or tailored preparation for                                                               general orchestral audition excerpts.


* Targeted Attention.     Work with you to achieve a breakthrough                                                                       for your problem area.


* Task Focused.            Specific longer term goals. AMEB exams etc.



* Masterclasses.            All levels



* Ensembles.                 Specialized attention for your Ensemble 



* On-going lessons.      All levels from beginner to professional

Fees:    One-Off Lesson                                              $150.00

             Module of eight one hour lessons                  $120.00  per hour

             * Special Online rates.                                    $90.00  per hour



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