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Flute Servicing and Repairs

Specialist Flute Service Centre




With a career spanning over 30 years, Neil Fisenden is one of Australia’s most respected flautists.

Principal Flute in the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and then in the West Australian Symphony Orchestra for 28 years as well as an internationally acclaimed soloist, there is not much about the way the flute works (or doesn’t) that Neil doesn’t comprehend and more importantly to you, the player/performer (either professional or amateur,) that he can’t fix. 


As the “Flute Tree and the WoodWind Group’s” representative for 15 years, as well as Director of “Fisenden Music”, Neil has been assisting and advising flautists for decades by selling Australia’s finest range of flutes as well as ensuring that these precious instruments continue to play at their very best with thorough and reliable care and regular attentive servicing. His craft has been honed by years of experience and more importantly by a very intimate knowledge of the instrument. Many mainstream shop repairers are keen to embrace the entire woodwind family and this can result in a compromised standard of service. Neil is committed only to flute service and repairs that ensure your instrument is performing at the best level possible.


As Neil says-“Maintaining regular servicing before problems arise is the only way to rest in the knowledge that your flute is playing at it’s optimal best.”


Having now moved to Melbourne, Neil is now offering his unique services to Victorian flautists.


Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA)*
A professional COA is the single most important service for keeping your flute in top playing condition and every flute should have a COA once a year. The procedure involves complete disassembly of the instrument. The body, headjoint and footjoint are thoroughly cleaned and polished. The keys are cleaned as well as possible without disturbing pads and bumpers.  The head cork is tested and replaced if needed. All pads and bumpers are examined and replaced as needed.(up to three). All mechanisms including rods, rod screws, pivot screws, rollers and hinge tubes are cleaned and oiled. Pads are re-shimmed as required to cover with a light touch. Key to key adjustment, key height and lost motion are all regulated to exacting standards. The instrument is then thoroughly play-tested for confirmation and re-adjusted as necessary.



Pricing: (COA)

Student Flute                                             $225.00

Intermediate Flute                                     $345.00

Advanced All Silver Flute                          $445.00

Hand Made /Professional Model Flute      $565.00


Full Re-Pad and Other Mechanical Restorations are also offered.

Price on application.

*Free Pick-up/ Drop-off service is offered with a replacement flute provided if required.

COVID-19 Update. Comprehensive sterilisation practices observed










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