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Lisa-Maree Amos:  Principal Flute, Orchestra of Victoria     (Dec 2020)

"Thank you Neil. The flute is sounding and feeling wonderful. It makes me feel enthusiastic for all the notes about to be played for the rest of the year."

Hannah Moore :    Professional Flautist and Teacher.

(April 2021) 

"Thanks so much for servicing my flutes. They look, feel and sound great"

Peter Sheridan:    International Flautist and Teacher                       Low Flutes Expert.       (Nov 2020)

"Thanks Neil, Flute is great, much better than it was!"

Tessa Withoff:   (January 2021)


"Neil works at a very high standard! He's serviced my flute for two years now and I've never been disappointed. It comes back playing and looking brand new. Getting my flute serviced is made easy as he collects it and drops it off which is very convenient.I strongly recommend his services as he is very passionate and good at his job."

Vicki Stanko:  Professional Flautist and Teacher.  Melbourne     (December 2020)

"Neil always displays great passion and professionalism dealing with my instrument. As a long time professional flautist, he knows the instrument intimately and pays attention to the finest details. I have enormous confidence leaving my Muramatsu with Neil for whatever it may need. 5 stars!"

Caitlin Malcolm :  WAAPA.   (December 2020)

"I have had the privilege of having two private lessons with Neil. His knowledge and experience particularly in the field of orchestral playing is second to none, and I have learned so much from both of the lessons I have had with him. He has such a friendly and cheery nature, and he is an inspiration to all flute players. I would highly recommend Neil as a teacher to anyone."

Heather Pennings: (July 2018)


"Neil has been servicing my daughter’s Altus flute for the past few years.  He has been very helpful, punctually collecting the flute and dropping it off at agreed times, and fitting in urgent services when required.  The servicing is fantastic and my daughter says that the serviced flute comes back as good as new.  Highly recommended!!"



Darlene Gianoli
Singer/performer with The Dream Girls

“Rae-Helen has so much knowledge to share and is an incredible teacher, singer, musician and performer. She can work with all genres of music and was so helpful for me in not just vocal technique, but also in learning songs, expression and performance. I highly recommend Rae-Helen and I would definitely say that she is a world-class.”

James Collins:

“Rae-Helen’s ability to relate to me on a musical and personal level, her genuine passion for vocal coaching, and her skill in being able to identify problems and find solutions helped me immensely and quite possibly saved my voice.
At the time I was the Music Director of a large church and was also their main worship leader - my weekly duties saw me running rehearsals and playing/singing in up to 5 church services. I found that I could not sing through the whole Sunday - my voice was completely wrecked by the last service on Sunday, and I would feel/hear the damage on Monday, then back into rehearsals on Tuesday. After a few lessons, Rae-Helen improved my technique so much that I could sing the whole way through the day without such crippling fatigue, and I was also able to sing with more authenticity, dynamic and better intonation. Perhaps her greatest achievement with me was setting me on a path to find my true voice - I previously meandered my way through, trying to imitate this and that sound, but she helped me discover and embrace my true voice.”

Tegan Thoroughgood : Performer/Melbourne “ Voltaire Twins “

“Rae helped me with vocal confidence more than anything- evening out tone, working to improve the weak areas of my voice and showing me what I was capable of. After I started lessons with Rae I had many people comment on the improvement in my voice and confidence in performing.
Rae also workshopped songs that were about to be recorded for our album, and before performances and the value was enormous. Rae tailors her approach to each student and has many tricks to get the best out of everyone. She is talented at selecting a broad range of music to learn and practice that suits each vocalist’s strengths and interests.”

Andrea Frances Manners: Performer

“I had the delight of being privately tutored in singing by Rae-Helen for over 6 years. I loved every minute of Rae's lessons & couldn't get enough of singing as she helped me unlock my voice! Rae led me into accessing my classical voice & upper register which in turn added new colour & smooth tone to my lower register. She re-set my singing foundations of breathing, flexibility, projection & stretched open my range. We explored the vocal colour palate and characterisation of Musical theatre, jazz, contemporary & classical pieces and Rae challenged me to do AMEB exams whereby I received a Certificate of Performance in Singing For Leisure. She also pressed me to record an album of my original songs, which I did, & she guided me in the vocal process & even participated in the album's production!”

Alex Toussaint-Jackson: Student Melbourne Conservatorium

“Rae Helen was my first ever singing teacher. She also taught me flute from an early age, and I found that doing both was mutually really helpful. Rae-Helen is fun, bubbly, engaging and terrific with students. She gave me a solid and rounded music foundation and I am so grateful for my early exposure to so many different styles and repertoire. I have since had exposure to and have learned from some of the biggest names in classical vocal training and performance, and I am often told that my technique and vocal foundations are excellent. I have Rae-Helen to thank for this.”

Anders: Performer and recording artist.

"Rae is an attentive and caring teacher. She tailors her lessons to suit individual needs and goals and is incredibly passionate about helping others."

Laura Van Houwellingen: Semi professional singer/ worship leader

'In the 4 years of vocal tuition I undertook with Rae-Helen, my voice and confidence in my own ability were transformed. When I began lessons, I had a ‘breathy’, wobbly sound and very little understanding of singing technique. Upon completion of my tuition, I emerged with a rich, unique sound and a wealth of technical knowledge, laying the foundation for entertaining and professional singing.
Under Rae-Helen’s kind, yet, honest tuition, I was exposed to variety of genres which uncovered areas of issue in my voice to be rectified in order to continue to produce quality sound. This also led to my love of jazz and soul, causing me to discover and shape my own vocal style.
With a professional and caring manner, Rae-Helen helped me dream big about my vocal ability and coupled her tuition with performance techniques to include my established instrumental playing. This enabled me to pursue my goal of being a confident and accomplished musician.'

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