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Singing Lessons

Rae-Helen Fisenden

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Lessons are now available at the venue of your choice in Melbourne.

My Studio, your home, your office or online.

Rae-Helen Fisenden


Rae-Helen can help you to sing like a bird with freedom and without injury or strain to your vocal chords.

The methodology she’s developed draws on both classical foundations and contemporary techniques. So these main bases are covered: 


  1.  Breathing technique and support.

  2.  Transitioning from one register to another smoothly.

  3.  Extending the range of the voice.

  4.  Finding the correct position of the larynx.

  5.  Vocal placement.

  6.  Vowel modification.

  7.  Exploring vocal colours.

  8.  Phrasing with musical understanding. 

  9.  Extending and increasing repertoire.

  10.  Finding your own unique sound.                     


Rae-Helen approaches each student individually and uniquely to find a way to communicate effectively. The first question she asks is “ what do you want to gain from your lessons?” Then when this is clearly clarified she tailors lessons to suit your particular needs and ensures her methodology is relevant to those requirements. 

Let’s face it, not everyone wants a professional career in singing. Some people just love to sing for pleasure but need greater direction and focus. Others don’t want to commit to months and months of lessons but would rather choose to have several brush up lessons or a module of lessons to prepare for a performance or exam. Here are some of the options she can offer:


  1. Specific projects. Eg. Preparation for a performance, a recording project or an exam.

  2. Problem solving: These lessons aim to pinpoint and resolve problem areas and weaknesses in vocal production.

  3. Beginning the journey: No matter your age-everyone can learn to sing. Rae-Helen can take you on a wonderful journey of discovery. 

  4. AMEB singing for leisure: The AMEB has a wonderful Singing for leisure examined Course which Rae-Helen is extremely competent to teach.

  5. Musical Theatre: If musical theatre is your thing then you’ve come to the right person. Rae-Helen is very at home with this style but equally comfortable with jazz, pop and R&B repertoire. 

  6. Church worship singers: Having worked as a Church Music Director and Worship leader in a professional capacity for over 15 years Rae-Helen can offer lessons to both individuals involved in church ministry as well as work with worship teams. She brings a wealth of expertise to assist in addressing the needs of both worship leaders and BV’s. 

Fees:              One-Off Lesson                                      $100.00

                       Module of eight one hour lessons          $85.00 per hour

                   *   Special online rates     $75.00 per hour

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